Yasser Arafat Museum Hosts a Seminar on “The Experience of Popular Resistance in Palestine”
10 Oct 19

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Yasser Arafat Museum hosted a seminar on “The Experience of Popular Resistance in Palestine” on Tuesday, 9 October 2019, with Yasser Arafat Foundation Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Nasser Alkidwa, Foundation Director General Dr. Ahmad Soboh, Foundation Board member Mr. Yahya Yakhluf, Head of the Colonization and Wall Resistance Commission Minister Walid Assaf, and others. 
In his welcoming remarks, Mr. Yakhluf noted that the history of the Palestinian struggle is one of resistance, revolution, popular uprisings and upheavals, and lives sacrificed to preserve our just national cause. 
Minister Assaf emphasized that popular resistance is an act against occupation that is not administered centrally but rather on the popular level.  The most effective form of popular resistance is real popular upheaval that rejects all occupation practices and measures, noting, “Whoever witnessed the first popular Intifada in 1987 is aware of its significance.”
Additionally, Minister Assaf emphasized that the experience of popular resistance in Palestine began with popular commissions and not from the Colonization and Wall Resistance Commission.  It was not a plan to be implemented or a decision to be made, but rather a revolution against occupation and injustice. Resistance will exist as long as there is occupation; thus, the right of resistance in all its forms should be guaranteed to an occupied people, and they have the right to choose the form of resistance. 
Films produced by the Colonization and Wall Resistance Commission were presented at the end of the seminar, followed by discussion with the audience.