Commemorative Lecture on the First Anniversary of the Passing of Artist Samir Salameh
01 Sep 19

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Yasser Arafat Museum hosted a commemorative lecture marking the first anniversary of the passing of Palestinian artist Samir Salameh on Tuesday, 27 August 2019, in Al-Muntada Hall.  

PLO Executive Committee members Dr. Ahmad Majdalani and Azzam Al-Ahmad, Fatah Central Committee members Dr. Nasser Alkidwa (Chairman of the Board of Directors of YAF) and Mohammad Al-Madani, Minister of Culture Dr. Atef Abu Saif, and many of Salameh’s family and friends attended the lecture. 

In his welcome remarks, Director General of Yasser Arafat Foundation Dr. Ahmad Soboh reflected on the importance of remembering the renowned late Palestinian artist Salameh, recalling his body of work that began with the creation of political posters for the Unified Media of the PLO and drawings for the Palestinian Red Crescent.  

Dr. Abu Saif noted that Salameh’s works, which resonate with love for the stolen homeland, are present in the minds of all Palestinians, including his fellow artists.  His work reassures the viewer that art is a powerful tool of resistance and preservation of the history and struggle of the Palestinian people, reflecting our national identity. 

Palestinian artist Nabil Anani spoke on behalf of the Union of Palestinian Artists, saying “artist Samir Salameh represents the tortured Palestinian man under Israeli occupation.”  He recalled that Salameh first exhibited his illustrations of his cause at the Palestinian Museum in Beirut, which he played a great role in establishing and developing. 

Dr. Majdalani delivered the family’s remembrance, noting that the 74 years that Salameh lived may not have been long, but was full with artistic accomplishments that conveyed the history and cause of the Palestinian people between the homeland and exile. 

Dr. Majdalani expressed gratitude to Yasser Arafat Foundation, which encourages vital Palestinian work and initiatives, for hosting this important event and recollected Yasser Arafat’s support of Palestinian achievements throughout history. 

Films on Salameh’s life and work were also presented at the commemorative ceremony.