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Establishing Palestine Liberation Organization



On the 13th of January 1964, the first Arab Summit is held in response to Israel’s diversion of the Jordan River.  Ahmad Al-Shuqairi, Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab League for Palestinian Affairs, is directed by the Summit to establish the Palestine Liberation Organization.


The beginning of the contemporary Palestinian revolution



On the 1st of January 1965, marking the beginning of the contemporary Palestinian revolution, the armed struggle of Fatah is launched, after Yasser Arafat and his “Adventurers Trend” prevail over the “Moderate Trend” in the Fatah leadership. The General Command of Al-Asifah, the military wing of Fatah, issues its first communiqué, which includes the announcement of the “Aylabon Tunnel Military Operation.”  This date is annually commemorated as a traditional national event.


Assassination of Salah Khalaf (Abu Iyad)


On the 15th of January 1991, a Palestinian member of the Sabri Albana (Abu Nidal) group assassinates Salah Khalaf (Abu Iyad), member of the Central Committee and prominent leader of the PLO; Hayil Abdul Hamid (Abu Al-Hol), member of the Central Committee of Fatah; and Fakhri Omari (Abu Mohammad), a leader of Fatah in Tunisia.


Gulf War



The Gulf War erupts on the 17th of January 1991.  The coalition forces, led by the United States, oust the Iraqi troops from Kuwait.  In the aftermath of the War, only about 30,000 of the approximately 400,000 Palestinians residing in Kuwait remain; the majority return to the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Jordan.


Elections 1996



On the 20th of January 1996, Palestinians hold their first democratic and free elections in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, voting for president of the Palestinian Authority and 88 members of the Palestinian Legislative Council.  East Jerusalemites participate, electing six representatives to the Legislative Council.  Yasser Arafat is elected president of Palestine National Authority by an overwhelming majority.

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Shimon Peres letter to Johan Holst